Empowering the
New Decision Makers
to Act with Modern
Self-Service Analytics

Learn how businesses are boosting speed, efficiency, accuracy,
and trust in insights with modern analytics technology.


Today, organizations have a new urgency when it comes to enabling frontline workers to make data-driven decisions. With increased digital dexterity among customers, fast-changing market conditions, and disruptions from global events like COVID-19, it’s never been more crucial to use data and analytics to inform your next best move.

To inform these decisions, frontline workers need easy-to-use analytics tools that allow them to query data the same way they’d search for information in their daily lives. Traditional BI dashboards optimized for power users and data analysts make this impossible. They lack the flexibility and level of detail needed to take action at the point of impact. Learn how modern self-service analytics is turning the tide and empowering workers at all levels can create fast, flexible, and personalized insights to take smarter business actions.

In this report, you’ll learn:

  • What defines modern self-service analytics from both a technical and end user perspective.
  • How data-driven insights result in better decision-making and ultimately, better business performance.
  • How leaders are using self-service analytics to build truly data-driven cultures, not just pockets of data-driven innovation.

In today’s fast-moving world, businesses need to move data tools closer to the end decision makers so they can define for themselves what they need to make more informed decisions.

Randy Bean, Founder and CEO

NewVantage Partners