Essential elements of
a modern analytics app

Get your blueprint for building an embedded
analytics app

Essential elements of a modern data app

Every day, data is created at an incredible rate, yet so many apps and systems are not designed to help teams to derive insights from this data. Traditional apps and dashboards don’t work. To be successful, every app must become a data app.

In this whitepaper, you will learn:

  • What is a data app and how it is critical for getting the most out of your investments in data clouds
  • Best practice principles and a blueprint for building your own data apps
  • How ThoughtSpot and the Modern Analytics Cloud delivers everything you need to turn every app into a data app
ThoughtSpot makes it simple to set up your data sets in a way that will ultimately be intuitive for end users to search and use.
- Alok Sinha, Senior Director of Software Engineering and Founding Member, KlearNow