Top 10 Search and AI-Driven Analytics Evaluation Criteria

Data has become every company’s most valuable asset. For those that quickly convert it into meaningful insights, there is a wealth of opportunities waiting. Yet for most organizations, fast and easy insights are the exception, not the rule. Search & AI-driven analytics has emerged in as the easiest way for anyone in your organization to get insights faster than ever before.

Based on feedback collected from hundreds of successful customers, we compiled the top ten criteria that matters most as you evaluate search & AI-driven analytics solutions - everything from ease of use, search intelligence, automated insights, to scalability, and total cost of ownership.

Learn how Search and AI-Driven Analytics can:

  • Let anyone to do ad hoc data discovery with zero training

  • Compute instant answers out of billions of rows of data - fast

  • Speed time-to-value by eliminating costly IT-spend before business people can get answers