AI: A New Era of Analytics for Everyone

O'Reilly eBook

What happens when you incorporate artificial intelligence into your analytics portfolio? A decade ago, business intelligence applications were simply trying to become more visual. Now, analytics solutions provide intuitive search and AI-driven features as an integral part of the experience to help you uncover the “why” in your data. For example, AI augmented analytics can help you discover why sales are increasing and why market penetration varies from city to city, guiding you towards hidden insights for which you didn't know to look.

This practical eBook from O’Reilly explains how business professionals like you — everyone from the C suite to the frontline — can use AI to find insights hidden in your corporate data to make the right decision.

Read the eBook to:

  • Learn why AI requires modern technologies that operate at massive volume and speed.
  • Explore how non-technical users can leverage AI for analytics.
  • Examine AI-driven analytics across industries such as retail, financial services, manufacturing, high tech, and more.


Ultimately, AI makes analytics easier to use. Non-experts can use AI to conduct analyses that were once the purview of a handful of trained specialists. And the experts can focus on higher-value tasks rather than wading through a backlog of requests.