AI: The Future of Financial Services

EIU Report

Banks and insurance companies believe AI is critical to unlocking new growth opportunities and reducing costs. In this new study from the Economist, companies report how AI will transform their businesses in a number of ways over the next five years. The benefits include spurring the creation of new products and services, opening up new markets and industries, and paving the way for innovation. About one-third of companies expect 51% to 75% of their workloads to be supported by AI technologies in five years’ time.

Download this report from The Economist Intelligence Unit report and commissioned ThoughtSpot to explore the transformative nature of AI and how it can improve customer and stakeholder relationships.

You will learn:

  • What AI applications and use cases are delivering the most value to financial services firms
  • Who is leading the pack in global AI adoption, training, and impact measurement
  • How to overcome the most common obstacles to widespread AI adoption
  • The importance of training and reskilling your workforce to leverage the output of AI

AI has the potential to truly transform the banking and insurance industries.

Dr. Katya Kocourek, Managing Editor

Thought Leadership at The Economist Group