ThoughtSpot One Demo:
Instant insights for everyone

Having insights right when you need them, at the moment you need them, that's the power of search and AI-driven insights. No more waiting for days or weeks for information and no more trying to figure out how to use tools built for analysts. Join us as we show you the newest features of ThoughtSpot One that were built specifically for non-technical business people.

See how ThoughtSpot One makes it easy for business people to: See how ThoughtSpot One makes it easy for business users to:

  • Quickly get started with highly personalized on-boarding and search assistance.
  • Follow your business leaders and content and stay in the loop of what’s important to them about the business.
  • Accelerate reaction time, and never miss a moment with AI that automatically monitors key metrics, and explains why things changed.
  • See and understand trend movement over time with explanations of the key drivers behind the change.
  • Get key insights and alerts pushed to you wherever you are with ThoughtSpot Mobile for iOS and Android devices.
  • Understand your data with explanations between your question and how an answer was calculated.

See for yourself why this isn't old school analytics trying to adapt to today’s needs, this is ThoughtSpot One - built for the business users of today who need immediate answers to their data questions.