The Future of Search

Watch this session to discover how search & AI-driven analytics are evolving to become even more user-friendly to deliver maximum business value.

Samantha Englander
Samantha Englander
Restaurant Services Manager, OpenTable
Lorena Lentz
Lorena Lentz
Director, VP, Asset & Liability Management, PNC

How can we make it really easy for users to engage with data? This question drove ThoughtSpot to invent search for BI. With Answer Explorer's AI-guided data exploration and upcoming features such as Universal Search, ThoughtSpot is rapidly evolving how you can uncover insights in your data.

Watch this session to learn:

  • Why search is the best way to do BI
  • How OpenTable and PNC are driving business value with search & AI-driven analytics
  • What developments are on the horizon, and what moonshots ThoughtSpot is considering