The Power of Embedded Search-Driven Analytics

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David Stodder

David Stodder

Research Director

Lisa Kant

Lisa Kant

Sr. Director, Product Marketing

Despite advancements in the BI process, running queries and producing reports can still be slow and difficult. Users often have to wait for a technical expert to help them set up and run queries, and then wait even longer for assistance when they need to edit reports or drill down further into their data. This can be a lengthy and arduous process, especially if their technical support doesn’t have a strong understanding of the business.

Search-driven analytics makes this process easier by making analytics more accessible to non-technical business users. Most users today are familiar with search through the use of commercial search engines. Using search empowers users to quickly locate data and analyze it, without relying on a technical expert or data analyst.

The result is faster access to data for everyone, and reduced backlog of report requests for the BI team.

Watch this webinar to learn more about:

  • How search delivers faster, easier, data access
  • How leading organizations are using search to improve their data strategies
  • Best practices for getting started with search-driven analytics


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