On-Demand Webinar

Not All Search
is Created Equal

Exploring NLP, Relational Search, and More for Analytics

Imagine if analyzing your company data was as easy as searching on Google? This vision has launched search into the analytics mainstream and inspired a wide range of approaches to enterprise search. But not all search is created equal.

Building The World’s First Relational Search Engine required a fundamentally different approach to search - one that ensures both lightning fast performance and 100% accurate results all within an easy to use search-driven interface.

View this webinar to learn more about:

  • Emerging trends and approaches to search for data analytics
  • How machine learning guides you to 100% accurate answers when using Relational Search
  • Live demo of ThoughtSpot’s Search-Driven Analytics solution

Joe Abbott

Joe Abbott

Technical Product Marketing

Shailesh Chauhan

Shailesh Chauhan

Senior Product Manager