On-Demand Webinar

AI is the New BI for Retail

The retail landscape is changing rapidly. In the face of unprecedented disruption more businesses are looking for new ways to leverage data and analytics to stay relevant and competitive.

Join Sean Zinsmeister, ThoughtSpot’s Head of Product Marketing, for a live webinar to learn how merchants can answer their own ad hoc questions instantly without the help of data experts with Search & AI-Driven analytics.

Tune in to hear how Retail is leveraging this next generation of analytics to:

  • Scale self-service analytics across billions of rows
  • Create a 360 degree view of their business
  • Remove reporting bottlenecks for data teams
  • Refine sales and marketing targeting
  • Optimize supply chain & logistics 
  • Improve store operations

Sean Zinsmeister

Sean Zinsmeister

Head of Product Marketing