How to Navigate the Wild West of GenAI Analytics

Traverse the AI data frontier and learn about new accuracy benchmarks with Research Analysts John Santaferraro and Ben Bausili from Interworks

Wednesday, July 24 at 9 a.m. PT


With so many analytics solutions and flashy new AI features, spotting the difference between a well-rounded horse that can take you forward and a pin-the-AI on the donkey may be difficult. But exploring the great AI expansion doesn’t have to be haphazard.

Join us on July 24 at 9 am PT to hear from research analyst, John Santaferraro, and Global Director of Product at Interworks, Ben Bausili, as they discuss hot topics like AI benchmarks and literacy, the roles of metadata and semantics, and recommendations for leaders looking to take the next steps.

You’ll learn:

  • Why a do-nothing strategy is bound to boil over

  • The four Ts of human-in-the-loop best practices

  • What Search should really mean for AI-powered analytics

  • Real-world examples of companies leading the way

Don’t get stuck with a solution merely tacking “.ai” onto the end of their URL. Make an informed decision and choose GenAI that will deliver measurable business impact today.


John Santaferraro

John Santaferraro

CEO and Head Research Analyst

Ben Bausili

Ben Bausili

Global Director of Product