How ThoughtSpot analytics are helping Chick-fil-A better serve restaurant operators


A code-free self-service strategy feeds
Chick-fil-A’s growing footprint

By harnessing the accessibility of self-service analytics, enterprises like Chick-fil-A, Inc. are managing the realities of multiple BI tools, including legacy, homegrown tools, and Tableau, all while supplementing and replacing them with simplified, searchable data experiences at an enterprise scale.

Join to explore the strategy and use cases of having multiple BI tools for various use cases. Whether that’s Tableau, homegrown charts, or ThoughtSpot self-service analytics. You’ll hear directly from Rachel Kozloski, Principal Data Consumption Program Lead for Chick-fil-A, as she shares first-hand experience running Tableau and ThoughtSpot side-by-side.

You’ll learn:

  • Enterprise use cases for ThoughtSpot, and how supplementing true self-service with homegrown tools and Tableau

  • Limitations, challenges, and the transition from legacy Tableau tools

  • Key features and functionalities of ThoughtSpot for embedded and internal analytics

  • Tactics to increase engagement and product stickiness with self-service analytics

  • Advice on managing multiple analytics tools, including embedded and homegrown tools

Register to hear Chick-fil-A spill the (iced) tea on the complexity of not only making the switch but also the realities of managing multiple BI platforms.


Rachel Kozloski

Rachel Kozloski

Principal Data Consumption Program Lead

Tri Tu

Tri Tu

VP Solution Engineering, Global Embedded Analytics