How T-Mobile is Building a
Data-Driven Organization with Wipro

T-Mobile is working with Wipro to become ‘digital first’ by enabling employees to get instant answers with self-service analytics.

Hear how T-Mobile introduced ThoughtSpot into their vast, vibrant data & IT ecosystem to give non-technical people fast access to answers.

Watch this session to discover:

  • Why T-Mobile has a vision for 80% of employees to use data for every decision they make by the end of 2022
  • Why Wipro proposed ThoughtSpot as the analytics partner that could help realize this vision
  • How ThoughtSpot helps T-Mobile to ‘unlock’ the value of its data for business users and save time for data specialists
  • T-Mobile’s learnings from the implementation process and advice to share with peers
Ivo Benemma
Ivo Benemma
Manager of Business Intelligence Services
T-Mobile Netherlands
Sanjeev Chaudhury
Sanjeev Chaudhury
Lead Architect T-Mobile Netherlands