How to Lead a
Data-Driven Culture

Businesses say they want to make more effective use of data, analytics, and AI, but many are not making progress. A survey of U.S. executives found that 63% do not believe their companies are analytics driven. Other research found that in 2019 only 31% of large U.S. firms said they were data-driven compared to 37% in 2017; some companies are clearly regressing.

At a time when making analytical decisions is so important, why are companies struggling?

Join Tom Davenport — one of the world’s foremost experts on analytics — for an interactive HBR webinar on how senior executives can create a data-driven culture in their organizations.

You’ll learn:

  • The role CEOs and senior leaders play in creating data-driven cultures.
  • How to persuade a CEO to become more data-driven.
  • The importance of educational programs, leading by example, and promotions and rewards.
Tom Davenport

Tom Davenport

President’s Distinguished Professor of IT & Management
Babson College

Julie Devoll

Julie Devoll

Director, Marketing and Communications and Editor
Special Projects and Webinars
Harvard Business Review

From boards of directors to CEOs to analytics and AI leaders, everyone who believes in a data-driven approach should work to persuade others to adopt and maintain it,
- Tom Davenport