Harnessing Data for Good

In this session, ThoughtSpot’s Cindi Howson sits down with data leaders from Carnegie Mellon University, St. Jude, Data Robot, and CancerLinQ to explore how data and analytics are revolutionizing the nonprofit world.

Anil Nair
Anil Nair
CTO, CancerLinQ
Chris Kennedy Thompson
Chris Kennedy Thompson
Sr. Director, Business Information and Campaign Management, St. Jude
Chandler McCann
Chandler McCann
Data Science Practice Lead, DataRobot
Kevin Clarke
Dr. Rayid Ghani
Distinguished Career Professional, Carnegie Mellon University

Data for Good is a growing movement in which organizations cross traditional boundaries to share data, technology, and expertise to make the world a better place. Watch this session to hear ThoughtSpot customers CancerLinQ and St. Jude discuss their Data for Good initiatives in cancer research, and DataRobot explain how they are using Data for Good to improve access to clean water in rural African communities.

Watch this panel to learn:

  • How analytics insights are empowering nonprofits to drive more donations
  • About the journey of nonprofits to become more data-driven when working with unskilled data users
  • The challenges of being data-driven in industries where data privacy is key
  • What makes Data for Good initiatives succeed or fail