Get the Ultimate Fantasy Football Edge

Dominate the rest of your 2020 season! Whether you’re a casual fan, you’re an avid football devotee, or you want to see the next generation of cloud data analytics applied to sports data, this webinar is a can’t-miss.

This webinar was originally recorded on December 14 and featured up-to-date 2020 NFL season player and team metrics to show how easily you can leverage data to make the best player picks each week. Learn how to use Snowflake Data Marketplace to access the most up-to-date NFL data and analyze the world of professional football using ThoughtSpot.

What's in the Data
This is real data from the 2020 NFL regular season generated by the NFL and made available to the public via API and an R project called nflfastr.

  • This season’s data, refreshed every week.
  • Up-to-date rosters for every NFL team.
  • Granular details of individual plays from every game.
  • Yards gained (and lost) by play for every skill position player for every game.