Dev, design, and…data?

Why data deserves a seat on your 2024 product roadmap


What role should data play on your product planning committee?

While mapping out your 2024 product roadmap, you’re weighing a number of factors, including deadlines, resources, and design. You gather the usual suspects for your core team—bright minds across the company, from dev to design.

Sure, you use data as a tool to understand user behavior and decide on top-priority features. But how might this familiar scene shift by giving data a permanent seat on your product planning committee?

Join Sonny Rivera, Sr. Analytics Evangelist at ThoughtSpot, and Owen Braun, VP of Data and Analytics at Bridg, to see a brighter vision of your product’s future—one where data is your greatest differentiator.

Here’s a taste of what they will cover:

  • How to unlock the power of all your data

  • Ways to drive differentiation by embedding data into your product

  • Tips on evaluating whether to build or buy embedded analytics

  • How Gen AI is impacting product design


Sonny Rivera

Sonny Rivera

Sr. Analytics Evangelist

Owen Braun

Owen Braun

VP of Data and Analytics