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3 Ways Business Intelligence Can Revolutionize your Marketing

Join to Learn How BI Teams Are Empowering Marketers with Search-Driven Analytics

For marketing leaders, taking advantage of customer data is a game-changing opportunity. In higher education for example, marketing to students, across multiple channels, is vital for institutions to grow their student base, improve enrollment and keep retention rates high. But the growing complexity of data, stored in multiple system makes optimizing marketing programs a headache for any marketing manager. 

This was the struggle at Collegis Education. Collegis Education was looking for a solution that would allow marketing and admissions managers at the universities they serve, to analyze student and campaigns data without a team of BI experts. With ThoughtSpot, Collegis Education is helping schools revolutionize their marketing and engagement programs. Now marketing and admissions managers can analyze data on their own, in order to make real-time decisions. As a result they are seeing growth in enrollment, matriculation and retention rates across their student population. 

In this webinar we cover:

  • Top 3 ways Search-Driven Analytics will revolutionize your marketing
  • How to deliver search-driven analytics to your marketing team
  • Best practices for the BI team on implementing analytics

Dan Antonson

Dan Antonson

Manager, Marketing Technology
Collegis Education

Lisa Kant

Lisa Kant

Sr. Director, Product Marketingt