ThoughtSpot sales analytics starter kit

Sales analytics made easy with Snowflake, Salesforce, and ThoughtSpot

Go beyond the dashboard with personalized sales insights


  • PDF overview of using ThoughtSpot with Snowflake and Salesforce data
  • Sample Salesforce data
  • TML files, pre-built sales analytics search and pinboards
  • A login to a free 30-day trial of ThoughtSpot

Free yourself from ad-hoc sales report requests, and jumpstart your Snowflake investment with the ThoughtSpot sales analytics starter kit.

The combination of ThoughtSpot with Snowflake and Salesforce gives you the fastest way to deliver self-service analytics to even your most non-technical business users. No more custom data prep or extensive data modeling necessary.

With this kit, you’ll learn how to create a modern and consumer-grade search experience across sample sales data using a free trial of ThoughtSpot. Once you get the hang of it, you can take advantage of your free trial by connecting to your own Salesforce data in Snowflake (or any other cloud data warehouse) and free yourself of those ad-hoc sales report requests.

With Thoughtspot, even your most non-technical business users can generate stress-free sales reports by using simple natural language to answer their own questions like:

  • Why did certain regions perform better (or worse) than others?
  • Why did certain sales teams perform better (or worse) than others?
  • How have our sales opportunities and sales behaviors changed over time?
Our people can now see what they need – right when they need it.”
Karen Daugherty, VP, Data & Analytics, TCC



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