Getting started with search and Liveboards

February 15 at 9 a.m. PT / 12 p.m. ET


To dominate the decade of data, you need an analytics solution that can do the heavy lifting. ThoughtSpot empowers anyone to uncover personalized insights, push those insights into business-critical apps, and automate actions to improve your bottom line, all while tapping into the latest innovation across the modern data stack. And it all starts with search and Liveboards.

Join this lab to learn first-hand how to:

  • Conduct a search to discover live data insights from your cloud data source
  • Utilize intuitive keywords in the search bar
  • Select different chart types and KPIs to see the data how you want it
  • Create your own Liveboard of visual answers

Why attend:

You’ll get a free trial of ThoughtSpot to test drive and explore data and insights using search. This lab will teach you how to conduct searches on live cloud data, and how to create and share content in a Liveboard.

Who should attend:

  • BI or Data analysts
  • Business Users
  • Anyone interested in cloud analytics and/or gaining insights from data stored in a cloud data platform