Governed Data Discovery:
Balancing Flexibility and Standards


In today’s organization, business intelligence (BI) is fueled by two opposing forces: top-down BI, in which the corporate IT group imposes standards on the delivery of data and reports to ensure a single version of the truth, and bottom-up BI, in which business unit analysts create their own reports with custom data sets. In most organizations, these two camps are at war: corporate IT locks down data and reports, frustrating business units who them circumvent IT by hiring their own business analysts to create the reports they need when they need them.

The Eckerson Group’s latest research report argues that top-down and bottom-up BI are flip sides of the same coin and explains how organizations must devise organizational architectural and technical frameworks to harmonize these polar opposites through self-service, governed data discovery solutions. Download the report to learn:

  • How the rise of data discovery solutions are disrupting business as usual for the legacy BI world
  • Why governed data discovery platforms can provide the best of both worlds balance for both IT leaders and the line of business
  • Best practices for implementing governed self-service BI in your organization

Additionally, Eckerson has published a deep-dive product brief on ThoughtSpot for Governed Data Discovery. You can access both the report and deep dive product by filling out the form below.