ThoughtSpot Modeling
Language (TML)

Build Engaging Data Apps with
Search-driven Analytics

ThoughtSpot has always provided the most intuitive and easy-to-use interface for business users to let them unearth data insights on their own. With the introduction of TML, however, we have also made ThoughtSpot the most developer-friendly analytics platform.

Having a transparent modeling language is extremely powerful for analysts, data engineers, and data professionals at large. It allows you to treat all the business intent encoded in the analytical content as software. In doing so, you can apply all the principles of the software development lifecycle - and reap the benefits of doing so.

In this eBook, we explore what makes TML better than any alternative in the market including:

  • Unconstrained Analytics
  • Easier learning curve
  • Powerful Query Language for complex needs
  • More reusable abstractions
  • Performance at scale

Thoughtspot enables us to explore our large data sets easily, quickly and flexibly, allowing us not only to uncover the insights that were hidden in our data, but also to spend more time on value-creating analytics.

David Heppenstall, Chief Information Officer