Six Top Trends and
Predictions for Data,
Analytics, and AI in 2021
And what to do about them

Although making predictions about the future is difficult even under the best of circumstances, it’s never been more important for business leaders to focus, prioritize, and act in order to stay ahead of the technological curve—and the competition.

The strategies you used to innovate and grow your business in the past will not be the same ones you use today. Rethinking how you use data to react and proactively adapt to change will be critical to your bottom line.

In this ebook, ThoughtSpot’s Chief Data Strategy Officer, Cindi Howson offers six predictions for what to expect from data, analytics, and AI in 2021, plus valuable strategies and resources for driving business growth. With these insights, you’ll learn:

  • How to turn a crisis into an opportunity for creating lasting business value
  • Why change management should be at the top of every CDO’s to-do list
  • What you can learn from customer experience analytics
  • Where to invest your dollars when it comes to analytics and data science talent