Top 5 Reasons Enterprise Analytics is Finally Ready for the Cloud

Top 5 Reasons Enterprise Analytics is Finally Ready for the Cloud

Learn how new capabilities are making the cloud the next frontier for enterprise-class analytics.

IT infrastructure is rapidly moving to the cloud, but enterprise analytics software has been slow to adapt. Point solutions for marketing and CRM analytics may reside in the cloud, but true enterprise analytics has remained an all-on-prem game.

Until now.

The cloud has become the ideal channel for delivering enterprise analytics and enterprise analytics software for multiple reasons, and this shift has been accelerated by the global COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Data gravity in the cloud has reached a tipping point.
  • Cloud data stores are so performant that complex queries on massive data now execute in seconds.
  • Search & AI power a new consumer-like experience to analyze cloud data.

Chief data officers will build out new capabilities or showcase the value of existing ones as they contribute to the (COVID-19) response. Some of these could serve as the building blocks for long-deferred initiatives, such as developing a 360-degree view of the customer, adopting consistent tool sets and processes, or modernizing their data architecture and moving to the cloud.