Three reasons your cloud
data warehouse needs
cloud analytics now

Get more data into the hands of more users across
your organization

Today, just 24% of organizations say they’ve succeeded at becoming data-driven.*

This is a challenge many data leaders are still struggling to solve despite increasing demand for data-driven insights from business users. Migrating to a cloud data warehouse is a good first step—and many have done so—but introducing new technology is not the same as ensuring adoption. To truly reap the benefits of your cloud data warehouse investment, you need an equally fast, scalable, and easy-to-adopt analytics solution to make your cloud data available to all.

In this e-book, you’ll learn how modern data leaders are using cloud-based search and AI-driven analytics to:

  • Save valuable time on implementation
  • Eliminate data quality and governance challenges
  • Put the power of cloud data into the hands of business users

* ”Big Data and AI Executive Survey 2021”, NewVantage Partners
**The New Decision Makers: Equipping Frontline Workers for Success”, Havard Business Review, 2020

Right now we are having around 20,000 ad hoc searches per month with hundreds of active users in more than 40 countries...the simplicity of ThoughtSpot makes it easy for us to roll out to a large user-base without a lot of training

Marc Matthesius, Manager IT Sourcing Analytics