Upgrading the Customer Experience with Embedded Analytics

Learn how innovative organizations are transforming the customer experience by embedding self-service analytics into customer-facing properties.

Brands leading in customer experience and satisfaction do so by providing the same simple, fast access to information consumers have grown accustomed to in their daily consumer lives. With embedded analytics, Fannie Mae, DRC, GlobalTranz, and more are transforming their customer experience and becoming market leaders by embedding self-service analytics into their customer-facing properties.

Nitin Pereira

Nitin Pereira

Senior Software Engineering Manager
Fannie Mae

Patrick Deshler

Patrick Deshler

VP, Technology Product Delivery
Data Recognition Corporation

Darwish Adi

Darwish Ali

VP, Information Technology

Jawaid Iqbal

Jawald Iqbal

Senior BI Lead
Cetera Financial Group

Watch now to learn how to:

  • Provide self-service analytics to internal and external customers
  • Ensure customers can leverage those analytics without expert skills
  • Enable flexibility so customers aren’t limited in their questions