The Case for Search-Driven Analytics

How a New Breed of Search Engine is Solving BI's Adoption Problem

The BI Industry has been broken for decades. Now search-driven analytics is finally delivering on the promise of easy insights for business leaders without relying on data analysts or going to week-long training classes.  Learn how in this white paper.

With adoption rates hovering around 20% for decades, it’s time for the BI industry to embrace a new paradigm of data access for the non-technical business person. Enter search-driven analytics. In this white paper, you’ll hear the argument for why the BI architectures of the past 20 years are flawed. You will also learn how a new breed of search engine is reinventing the way business people get answers to their everyday data questions. Imagine if discovering which store had the highest profit margin yesterday was as easy as asking Google for the highest rated French restaurant nearby. The reinvention of BI has begun. Download this white paper to learn why.