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State of BI, 2015

Insights from More Than 60 Top Business Intelligence Professionals

Does everyone have reporting nightmares?

The short answer: YES.

Download our full 2015 report summarizing feedback from more than 60 VPs, CIOs, and Directors of BI/Analytics from a diverse set of industry segments and company sizes.

Survey report highlights:

  • Average time to handle simple and complex reports
  • Typical resource requirements for BI reports
  • Reporting backlog trends
  • Common reporting nightmares across respondents

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Why ThoughtSpot

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Easy for Everyone

Easy for Everyone

Anyone can use the power and simplicity of search to analyze their data 1000x faster.

Reduced Reporting Backlog

Reduced Reporting Backlog

Eliminate 90% of your reporting backlog by giving every business person the power to answer their own questions.

Speed at Scale

Speed at Scale

Calculates answers on the fly in-memory across billions of rows of data.

Why ThoughtSpot?

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