What Do Modern Analysts Want?

What Do Modern Analysts Want?

Learn how the role of the analyst is evolving

The role of the analyst has never been more important. Analysts are data champions tasked with helping their organizations work more effectively while providing the analytical acumen and insights to shape organizational success. As businesses transform in light of new technologies, customer expectations, and market realities, so, too, must analysts evolve.

Download the TDWI report “What do Modern Analysts Want,” commissioned by ThoughtSpot to see what the future holds for analysts.

You will learn:

  • How we define the modern analyst
  • How modern analysts can change the role of analytics and the value it can provide
  • What the future holds and how to get there

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Analysts want to provide more value and not simply build reports or make changes to reports. They would rather spend more time understanding strategic business initiatives to achieve more positive business outcomes.

Dr. Fern Halper

Sr. Research Dir. for Advanced Analytics, TDWI