Six Requirements of the Modern Data and Analytics Stack

Six Requirements of the Modern Data and Analytics Cloud Stack

Today, many organizations are realizing that their current data and analytics environments are failing to meet the needs of the business. New data sources, greater volumes of data, and a growing need for self-service insights are driving them to move to the cloud faster than ever before. But simply moving existing analytics infrastructure to the cloud isn’t enough. To take advantage of the flexible, scalable nature of the cloud, you must build a new kind of data and analytics stack.

In this report, you’ll learn how analysts at TDWI define the modern data and analytics stack, what technologies are needed, and how your business can evolve to deliver personalized, actionable insights for all.

The last 18 months have made digital transformation an urgent imperative and the cloud has never been more pivotal in powering our new digital economy
- Alex Kayyal, Managing Partner, Salesforce Ventures