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Gartner: Top 10 Data and Analytics Technology Trends That Will Change Your Business

The future is full of change for data and analytics technology. Companies in every industry are undergoing a digital transformation while machine learning and artificial intelligence are becoming ubiquitous. The expanding value and reach of data and analytics is pushing the limits of traditional technologies and approaches. Read this report from Gartner to learn about 10 data and analytics trends that will have a significant disruptive potential over the next three to five years and suggestions on how to proactively leverage these trends.

This report covers:

  • Digital transformation and the strategic role of data and analytics
  • Augmented analytics and the roles of ML and AI in automating and augmenting manual tasks
  • Intelligent capabilities required for agile data fabrics and explainable, transparent insights and AI at scale


By 2021, natural language processing and conversational analytics will boost analytics and business intelligence adoption from 35% of employees, to over 50%, including new classes of users, particularly front-office workers.

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