The Rise of the
Augmented Consumer

Top Trends in Data and Analytics for 2021

As business complexity and uncertainty continue to increase, organizations must equip everyone to get value from their data and make better business decisions. Use of traditional dashboards, unable to keep up with analytics consumers’ needs, will continue to decline while adoption for automated, conversational analytics grows.

Leaders should focus on empowering all users to identify and take action from important insights without reliance on analysts to improve business and operational decisions, and grow the impact of analytics on the organization.

Read this report from Gartner to learn:

  • Which capabilities data consumers are favoring over predefined dashboards and why
  • How to emphasize consumer capabilities with natural language query, automated insights, and embedded analytics
  • How to empower users to impact business problems and discover new opportunities
By 2025, augmented consumerization functionality will drive adoption of analytics and business intelligence capabilities beyond 50% for the first time, influencing more business processes and decisions.


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