Financial Services Firms Need to Rethink Personalization

Forrester Report

Many financial services firms view improving their personalization capabilities and technology a top priority. For most firms, their current efforts are nowhere near the level necessary to engage increasingly demanding customers. This report explains how digital business leaders and marketers should drive customer engagement and loyalty through data-driven personalization efforts.

Read this report from Forrester Research to learn:

  • The role of data and analytics in driving personalization
  • Why competitors can’t replicate the deep engagement you have with your customers
  • How to overcome common pitfalls in financial services personalization
  • How leading firms inform, guide, advise, and care for their customers
Getting personalization right will drive customer engagement and loyalty, not just the next product sale.

Forrester Research [Financial Services Firms Need to Rethink Personalization],
[Alyson Clarke, Aurelie L’Hostis], [September 2019]