Innovation in the Use of AI and Machine Learning for Business Intelligence

EMA: Top 3 Report and Decision Guide for Analytics Leaders

Eckerson Report - AutoInsights

In today’s world, no business can survive without data-driven insights to inform decisions at every level of the organization. Yet as the data explosion continues to pick up steam, these crucial insights are getting lost in the deluge.

That’s why data pros and business users alike are turning to technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning to help them not only find, but act on these insights. Company after company has claimed to bring these powerful capabilities into their platforms, but moving behind the hype has never been more challenging. In this new report, EMA breaks down the most important innovations AI and ML are driving in business intelligence, and the vendors making them a reality.

Download this report to learn:

  • How AI and ML are changing business intelligence
  • The business value this change can deliver to businesses
  • The top 3 vendors making these innovations a reality
AI-enablement provides organizations with the ability to overcome the constraints of legacy or less automated BI implementations. Organizations that are first to implement in their industries can expect an advantage over their competitors.

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