A Recipe for
Search-Driven Analytics

Eckerson: A Recipe for Search-Driven Analytics

Search-driven analytics is a revolutionary new way for regular business users to converse with data. It makes ad-hoc querying as simple as a Google search, empowering business users to explore data and uncover insights on their own.

This report provides a “recipe” for creating a search-driven analytics platform. The purpose of this guide is to help organizations differentiate between scalable search-driven analytics products that business users will adopt and pretenders that don’t offer the performance, scalability, or precision required to deliver an exquisite user experience.

Read this report from the Eckerson Group to learn:

  • The fundamental building blocks for a search-driven analytics platform
  • Creating a personalized experience through machine learning
  • The importance of a scalable architecture to support speed at scale


With search-based analytics, business users can “converse with the data”, almost as easily as they might talk to a colleague. This natural, iterative approach revolutionizes how business people interact with data.

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