Deep Dive: AutoInsights

How AutoInsights are Revolutionizing Analytics

Eckerson Report - AutoInsights

Data-driven insights are the backbone of decision making in the enterprise. Traditionally, these insights have required humans to ask a question or read a report. Yet as the sheer amount of data continues to explode, there’s simply too much for any person to hope to analyze.

Thankfully, artificial intelligence and machine learning have made software smart enough to automatically comb through these massive data volumes, and quickly find key insights buried in all the information.

Read this report from Eckerson Group to learn how Automatic Insights (“AutoInsights” for short):

  • Make business people more productive by equipping them with knowledge they didn’t even know they needed
  • Empower users across varying skill sets to do more with data, analytics, and machine learning
  • Understand why things are happening in your organization faster by revealing hidden insights
From automatically discovering related reports, visualizations, and other artifacts to automating the process of analysis itself, AutoInsights promises to transform the practice of decision support in the enterprise.

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