New 451 Research Report

CMC Markets Sees Promising Self-Service Results with ThoughtSpot

Self-service analytics that allow anyone to be their own data analyst.

CMC Markets, a leader in online financial trading, struggled to give business users in sales, marketing, trading and finance access to analytics fast enough. While they were careful to address data governance requirements, the architecture in place complicated their data pipeline to the point where it took weeks for users to get answers to questions about customer performance, market risk, trade outcomes and marketing ROI. In this report, 451 Research explores why CMC choose ThoughtSpot as the answer to this problem.

The report covers:

  • Why CMC choose ThoughtSpot to deliver self-service analytics across the organization
  • The underlying technology that makes search-driven analytics so powerful
  • How CMC plans to reduce 60% of BI requests to the IT team in the first year