BI + Analytics Trends and Opportunities in the Mid-market

Analytics have emerged as mission critical for companies of all shapes and sizes. From driving new revenue streams to improving operational efficiencies, no company can afford to miss out on the major benefits analytics afford to an organization.

In this new benchmark report, BAO presents research uncovering trends and opportunities in the mid-market BI and analytics space to understand the characteristics of buyers, what challenges they are currently facing, and where the active initiatives are currently.

Some key findings included in this report:

  • 64% of companies with an active BI initiative are looking for a new BI & analytics solution
  • 73% of organizations directly involve IT in the BI decision making process, while 69% involve finance
  • 34% of transportation, logistics, and utilities companies are actively buying new BI solutions

BAO conducted a market research study of 489 upper mid-market organizations ($500-$999 million in revenues) to understand current budgeted initiatives, technology adoption, and purchasing trends. Through its Opportunity Identification (OppIDTM) service, BAO interviewed influencers and decision makers via telephone to assess current challenges, installations, and other trends. This report was developed using the data from that study.