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Search-Driven Analytics for Healthcare

Improving Patient Outcomes with Data Access for Everyone

The healthcare industry produces massive volumes of data every day—from claims and cost data, to clinical trials, electronic medical records and even online patient sentiments. Yet for most professionals within the industry, it’s a daily struggle to get access to the information they need fast enough. Static reports with stale data aren’t sufficient for making data-driven decisions, especially when they affect patient outcomes.

Join ThoughtSpot for a conversation on how BI teams can overcome the data challenges in healthcare today around governed, self-service access for everyone. Hear directly from Availity, a leading healthcare service provider that processes over 5 million patient records a day. Jeff Currier, Data Management Lead, explains why he chose ThoughtSpot and why he sees search-driven analytics disrupting the BI industry.

Watch on-demand to learn:

  • How healthcare professionals are leveraging data to improve operational processes and patient outcomes
  • How search-driven analytics makes it easy for any user to build their own reports and dashboards
  • Why Availity chose ThoughtSpot to deliver self-service analytics to their business users and customers
  • Best practices for creating an effective governed data discovery environment at scale


Jeff Currier

Data Management and Analytics

Eric Vassian

Eric Vassian

Account Executive